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Stress, tension, sore muscles, fatigue, or worry have you tied up in knots? Drop by Blink Brow Bar in beautiful Vancouver, BC and try our new luxurious express chair massage for immediate relief to reset your day.

Our soothing 30-minute head and shoulder massage is easy to enjoy before or after a busy work day or even on your lunchbreak!

As you relax in one of our comfy chairs, your Blink technician will expertly massage your scalp and shoulders to melt away all the tightness that’s built up, improving circulation, sharpening your focus, and restoring a sense of tranquility. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – and you don’t have to worry about your hair because we don’t use any oils.

Regular massage is believed to have many health benefits beyond relieving stiff muscles, including curing insomnia and alleviating headaches naturally.

You can add our 30-minute chair massage to any of our other services or enjoy it as a stand-alone treatment for just $40. Call Blink to book your chair massage today!