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Vancity for Fashion Fanatics: A Blink “What’s Going On” Round-Up

Autumn is a busy time in Vancouver for West Coast fashion. There’s so much going on that you Blink Beauties might find interesting, whether you’re fashion fanatics or just want to update and polish your relaxed Lotusland style.   We know that looking good is important to all of you who come to see us at  Blink’s location in beautiful Coal Harbour to have your brows shaped. So we thought we’d dish a little about the latest fashion trends here on the West Coast and where to watch what some of the...

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#TheMaids: Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaids

You're engaged!   Incredible surprise proposal shot by Shay Stephens via   We love helping Lower Mainland women get ready for all of life’s milestones, and weddings are a frequent topic of conversation at our Vancouver eyebrow threading studio. There’s so much to think about and plan - and it’s so much more than just saying yes to the dress!   Once your love has proposed and you say yes, the work begins.   And we know that our #BlinkBeauties appreciate having the best women to help with the planning, preparations, emotions, and all those special moments....

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Hallowe’en Make-Up & Costume Ideas: The Blink Team’s Faves

It's just around the corner now, Blink Beauties: Hallowe'en!   Such a fun time of year, and we know that some of you crazy cats have had your costumes picked out for months. However, if you're like the rest of us, choosing the perfect costume for that work party, neighborhood gathering, or club crawl is worry-inducing. It can also be expensive, and who has the time these days to shop for an outfit you'll only wear once?   So here's a round-up of our favorite Hallowe-en inspired make-up looks.   Why just the make-up? Because you can choose one...

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Blink Brow Bar Vancouver Foursquare

Humble Brag: A Round-Up of Reviews from our Blink Beauties

Scotland’s famous poet Robbie Burns once sagely mused about what it would be like to see ourselves as others see us (though he said it in the much more Scots way “To see oursels as ithers see us”).   Naturally back in the 1700s Robbie and his peers didn’t benefit from being able to check social media to see exactly what others thought of them. Times have changed and we can - gratefully - find out what our clients think of us!   At our Vancouver eyebrow threading studio we aim to offer our...

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Autumn Brides: Beautiful Brows for your Fall 2016 Wedding!

All right, autumn brides and bridal party gals: You are in the home stretch now! The countdown to walking down the aisle is well underway for fall weddings.   You’ve likely gone for final dress fittings and have mani-pedi and hair trial appointments booked. But what about those brows?   Face facts   According to the experts at Bridal Guide mag, forgetting about their brows ranks in the top 10 of the 25 biggest make-up mistakes made by brides.   (Image c/o Bridal Guide Magazine)   And if the brides are forgetting about getting professional brow shaping before tying the...

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Blink Brow Bar in Beautiful Coal Harbour BC

We’re so lucky to get to live, work and play in beautiful British Columbia.   And not just “beautiful BC” - Blink Brow Bar Vancouver is located in Coal Harbour, one of the city’s most exciting neighborhoods, “a [vibrant] section of Burrard Inlet lying between the downtown peninsula and the Brockton Peninsula of Stanley Park.”   Stunning image of Coal Harbour c/o   That means we’re not only minutes from the world-renowned “Seawall” that meanders along the water’s edge and through spectacular Stanley Park, our eyebrow threading studio is surrounded by businesses rich in cultural...

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Blink’s Summer Beauty + Skin Care Tips That Won’t Break The Bank

You can trust us at Blink to take care of your brows for summer (and all year round!), but what to do about the rest of your warm-weather look on a budget? We’ve checked out what the top Vancouver beauty bloggers recommend for summer beauty and skin care and here’s what we found:   Water! Water!   Adequate hydration goes a long way to healthy skin and a good complexion. Vancouver’s radiant Alexandra of To Vogue or Bust recently wrote about her (healthy!) obsession with staying well hydrated. She shares not only ideas for how...

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The Blink Brow Bar Team’s Fave 2016 Grad + Prom Trends

This is a busy time for our #BlinkBeauties and their friends who are in their final year of high school (or dating a senior!). Between finishing end-of-year assignments and gearing up for final exams, how is the Class of 2016 supposed to fit in time for getting ready for prom?   We can’t help with essays or tests, ladies, but we’ve done your homework for everything you need to know about what’s hot for Grad 2016 dresses, hair, and makeup! Here’s your cheat sheet -- a collection of the Blink Brow Bar...

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Dior and Glamour, Brows and Lips!

Top Beauty Trends of 2016, a Blink Team Round-Up!

Oooh! 2016 has been a whirlwind so far, hasn't it? But a "good" busy, you know? We've found a spare moment, though, so we thought we'd stop and swoon a little over this year's top beauty trends!    Before we look ahead to 2016 beauty trends, let’s reflect on the hot styles of 2015 that influenced fashion around the world. It was a year when eyebrow threading was as big a trend for men as it is for women - so much so that our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earned special...

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